What are Adaptogens?

A cocktail?!…Not quite, but they can be added to one if needed 😜

You have probably already heard of those golden little words like Ashwagandha , Tumeric & Goji Berry to name a few…

Well these are Adaptogens, magical little herbs & mushrooms 🍄 that are making serious waves in the self care game!

Below is a quick breakdown of their key benefits;

- Relieve both physical and mental stress

- Alleviate Anxiety

- Combat depression

- Improve mental performance

- Ease fatigue


 Each Adaptogen has a different effect on the body. Eg. if it’s energy and stress relief you are after then Ashwagandha is the one. If you woke up foggy and need a little brain boost - then try Tumeric!


Follow instructions on product labels. Adaptogens can work differently on different people so start slowly and increase when it feels right.

Cancel the mixologist - incorporate them how you wish! You can take them as supplements, gummies, smoothies, soups…the list goes on! Do it in a way that works for you.

We will be dropping more info on these soon along with some exciting announcements to follow! So stay tuned!

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