What’s the Matcha with you?

Ever spotted Matcha latte on the menu and thought wtf is that?!...

Matcha is a special type of green tea, it’s the result of the actual tea leaves being finely powdered down. Due to this, when you consume Matcha you are receiving a higher concentration of its nutrients = more benefits Woop woop 🤩

Benefits of matcha include…

* A longer lasting energy boost without the crash 💥

* Avoids the jitters like coffee can bring ☕️

* Induced relaxation without the drowsiness 😴 and also reduces stress levels

* Improved mental function 🧠

* Is a mega dose of antioxidants and vitamins 💊

* Can boost metabolism 🏃‍♀️

* Improves skin health due to its levels of vitamin B & C

Tips - when drinking matcha froth it up with a whisk!

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