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What’s the Matcha with you?

Ever spotted Matcha latte on the menu and thought wtf is that?!... Matcha is a special type of green tea, it’s the result of the actual tea leaves being finely powdered down. Due to this, when you consume Matcha you are receiving a higher concentration of its nutrients = more benefits Woop woop 🤩 Benefits of matcha include…* A longer lasting energy boost without the crash 💥 * Avoids the jitters like coffee can bring ☕️ * Induced relaxation without the drowsiness 😴 and also reduces stress levels * Improved mental function 🧠 * Is a mega dose of antioxidants and vitamins 💊* Can boost metabolism 🏃‍♀️ * Improves skin health due to its levels of vitamin B & C...

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What are Adaptogens?

A cocktail?!…Not quite, but they can be added to one if needed 😜 You have probably already heard of those golden little words like Ashwagandha , Tumeric & Goji Berry to name a few… Well these are Adaptogens, magical little herbs & mushrooms 🍄 that are making serious waves in the self care game! Below is a quick breakdown of their key benefits; - Relieve both physical and mental stress - Alleviate Anxiety - Combat depression - Improve mental performance - Ease fatigue Tips…  Each Adaptogen has a different effect on the body. Eg. if it’s energy and stress relief you are after then Ashwagandha is the one. If you woke up foggy and need a little brain boost - then...

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Your skin care game..

Hear the words ‘Skin-care regime’ and panic that your Miscellar water just ain’t cutting it? Well the panic is over! We have a simple AM to PM skin care routine lined-up to make your selection of products easier than a filter on snap chat!  

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