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Your Super - Organic Magic Mushroom

£20.99 £22.90
An alternative Hot chocolate with functional mushrooms for the ultimate relaxation... A powerful mix of cocoa powder and functional mushrooms that supports relaxation in a natural way. To relax, simply...
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Botanycl SkinClear Elixir

£23.99 £24.95
Clear Skin and balance hormones… As women, our hormones fluctuate a lot, and when things get out of balance, the oil glands produce excess oil and skin problems can arise....

Sol de Janeiro Trio of Mini Creams 3 x 50ml

BENEFITS A trio of body butter designed to nourish and promote smooth, luminous-looking skin. The set contains: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Firming and Smoothing Cream 50 ml Bom Dia Bright™...

Your Super - Organic moon balance

£20.99 £22.90
BENEFITS Ayurvedic superfood mix for women Developed specifically to support women at every stage of their cycle. The female body is a real marvel - and that's why it's important...
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JERMS - Daily Gut

£24.99 £25.99
BENEFITS Daily Gut is an all natural and ethically sourced 4-in1 gut supplement with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and organic superfoods and vitamins. Supports digestion, mood, immune function, sleep, energy...

London Nootropics Starter Bundle of Adaptogenic Coffee Blends

Try London Nootropics 3 adaptogenic coffee blends! With high grade dual-extracted lion's mane & cordyceps mushrooms. Blended with premium quality adaptogens to help you find your flow; *Mojo blend -perfect...

Your Super - Organic plant collagen

£20.99 £22.90
Latte mix with skin foods... A plant-based superfood powder with ingredients known to support collagen production for the appearance of healthy skin. Add to lattes, smoothies and oatmeals for an...
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Your Super Organic golden mellow

£20.99 £22.90
Golden milk blend for relaxation... The Golden Mellow Mix contains Ayurvedic and adaptogenic superfoods such as turmeric and ashwagandha. Adaptogens and Ayurvedic herbs promote relaxation and help with stress adaptation....
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Your Super - Gut Feeling Mix

£20.99 £22.90
*PRE ORDER NOW* BENEFITS A go to for that good gut feeling! Use for a balanced gut microbiome. 6 naturally powerful superfoods for the intestine Contains inulin and digestive enzymes...
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Cosmic Molecule- Mushroom Defence 10 x complex

£18.99 £20.99
One of the first 10X mushroom capsule blends on the market, Mushroom Defence brings together the most potent mushrooms available including Chaga, Reishi and Lions mane. Every dose helps bolster...