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VIE Healing - The Detox and Cleanse Kit (24K Gold Ear Seeds)

BENEFITS Ear seeds - designed to enhance immunity, promote healthy blood and energy flow. Address low immunity, seasonal and skin allergies, digestive health, and addiction with targeted protocols. Enjoy the...

Shake Your Plants - Kombucha+

BENEFITS 10 DAYS to start your Gut Health, it's all it takes! With a delicious and refreshing grapefruit taste, Kombucha+ will help promote your daily gut health. Say goodbye to...

JERMS - Daily Gut

£24.99 £25.99
BENEFITS Daily Gut is an all natural and ethically sourced 4-in1 gut supplement with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and organic superfoods and vitamins. Supports digestion, mood, immune function, sleep, energy...

Your Super - Energy Bomb mix

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BENEFITS Be unstoppable, with this all-natural energy booster mix containing guarana and maca. This mix is the perfect replacement for high caffeine energy drinkers and best of all- its all...
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Wanderflower - Dream Drifter Pre Sleep Ritual Set

Allow your mind some time off to totally disconnect and let go of the stresses that stem from constant connectivity with this Dream Drifter Pre Sleep Ritual Set. This dreamy...

Blooming Blends Be Happy 30ml

BENEFITS Boost mood and clear brain fog for a positive state of mind. Designed to help boost happiness and clarity while taking the edge off irritability. Provides a calming, uplifting...

Your Super - Organic moon balance

£20.99 £22.90
BENEFITS Ayurvedic superfood mix for women Developed specifically to support women at every stage of their cycle. The female body is a real marvel - and that's why it's important...
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Feel Güd Ashwagandha Gummies

BENEFITS Gummies that actually make you feel güd ! Stress & anxiety relief: By reducing cortisol levels, Ashwagandha can help alleviate stress & anxiety. Improves sleep: Studies have shown Ashwagandha...

London Nootropics Starter Bundle of Adaptogenic Coffee Blends

Try London Nootropics 3 adaptogenic coffee blends! With high grade dual-extracted lion's mane & cordyceps mushrooms. Blended with premium quality adaptogens to help you find your flow; *Mojo blend -perfect...

Blooming Blends Nighttime 30ml

£25.00 £25.99
These sleep drops help you to prepare for your best night's sleep with their relaxing blend of traditional botanical extracts: Relaxing oat straw - Calming chamomile -Soothing passionflower - Restoring...